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Biogas Plant


Biogas is energy from human, animal or plant waste.

If you run an operation that generates a lot of human, animal and plant waste then you must consider a system that allows you convert the waste to electricity to power your farm, business, home or office.

Biogas power solution will be particularly useful to animal farm owners, hotels, hostels, prisons, large housing blocks and similar facilities that generate a lot of waste (faeces) from human beings and animals.

Biogas power products store waste in a compartment where they are treated and decompose in a controlled manner to liberate hydrocarbon gases like methane which can be used to make gas fuels. The gas fuels can be used for cooking or for powering generators.

A well-constructed biogas plant can last up to 30 years and the cost of maintenance is very low. So, though the initial cost of acquiring a biogas power plant may be high, you will recover the cost through savings in running and maintenance costs in 5 – 10 years. After that time you enjoy massive power savings.

Contact us for more questions on how to converty your bio-waste to energy.

Biogas power plant   Biogas tank
Biogas plant   Biogas plant
Biogas power plant scheme
Biogas power plant scheme




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